I see you. The walking, talking, breathing, illuminating miracle that you are. A literal gift of life personally crafted by The Universe to exist and give this world your magic. Magic that can't be done by anyone, but you.

And so I ask, do you see it? Do you feel it? Do you believe in you, too?

I'm Jenna Rossi. 


And I have the gift of seeing, feeling, and understanding individual and collective energetics. This paired with my creative, intuitive nature helps me help you begin living your Spirit expression here on Mother Earth. 

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I believe...

...that when our Spirit chooses to enter our mother’s womb, we come with a mission. We come with a purpose. We have signed a variety of soul contracts and we’re willing and ready to embrace the ups and downs that this human experience gives us. 

However, as little babies trying to learn basic functions, like how to remain safe, we begin to mimic and accept the behaviors, beliefs, and ways of being that our caregivers express (that their caregivers expressed). This throws us off track. This is why we begin to doubt the living, breathing, walking miracles that we are. 



But feel no guilt. Release your worry.

You have arrived here because your Spirit is calling you to get back to itself. This world is ready to see you in all your authenticity. Because when you unbecome who you’re not supposed to be, you show up exactly as you’re needed for everyone you love. 

I'm alive to awaken the Spirit that lives within you.

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My Energy Unpacks are the perfect place to begin your Self or family energetic journey. I offer Individual and Partner Sessions based on your unique needs and desires. These safe, open coaching sessions are grounded in Human Design - but hold space for anything that comes up. Explore more by clicking below. 

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Own Your Energy is my highest, most intimate offering. With 3 levels of opportunity, this coaching experience exists for your personal needs and dreams as an individual. Clients who partake in this opportunity experience vital shifts in their way of living. Let's see if you're ready to become all that you are by clicking below.

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