There is nothing wrong with you.
You are not broken. You don't need fixed. 

Instead, you are special. You are made exactly as the world wanted you to be. Your energy is everything you need in order to live the life you want. 

Human Design is...

an energy system here to help you feel good - as you are

You came into this world with a unique blueprint - a compass made just for you. This compass not only shows how you're designed to navigate the world, but also supports you in doing so. 

Navigating life can be easy. It can be simple. It can be expansive and joyful. But many times it doesn't feel this way because we're operating like someone else. We're following rules, guidelines, or advice from individuals who are entirely different than us energetically. 

Luckily, you're here. Thankfully, your soul guided you to this exact place where you're invited to come back to yourself, your truth, and your very wonderful way of being.


Because your needs are personalized to your life, my work is personalized to you. I'm not here to make assumptions or serve you in a way *I think* is right. Instead, I meet you where you are and walk *with you* towards where you want to go. Below are some paths we can take together.

Know Your Design

During an Energy Unpack, you'll be provided with the foundational, yet, most powerful parts of your Human Design to experience today.


Live Your Design

Through private coaching, you'll experience a personalized journey towards alignment & receive unmatched support along the way.


I'm Jenna Energy™.

An Energy Coach & Human Design Guide.

But let's be honest - that description is super generalized. I'm so much more (and so are you).

I am my human-self - my being, limiting beliefs, current desires, quirks, and creations.  I am my Spirit Expression - my past lives, my purpose, my unique point of view from source, itself. I am also a mirror for you - the things you crave; are growing into and the things you're hiding or are running from.

I am exactly who I'm supposed to be for this world (and so are you). Get to know me on a deeper level by understanding my Human Design.

Let's meet.

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