I'm calling in all Spirits who are ready to have the full human experience. 

It's really that easy.
And it's not.
It's whatever you believe it to be.

And I will always choose easy. What are you currently choosing in life right now? What are you currently choosing by not actively loving in all areas of your life? Where are you settling for or accepting fear? 

You’re here because fear is c**k blocking or consuming some part of your inner world. It may be showing up in the form of stress, anxiety, insecurities, indecisiveness, avoidance, pain, distraction, or whatever mask it chose to wear this morning, but despite it’s form - it’s not who you are. It is a mask. A mask you started wearing to keep you safe; a long, long time ago.

Everyone has, is, and will wear a mask at different moments in this human life. It’s human nature. 

But remember, we’re Spirits. 

And it’s safe to explore who you are without the mask. 

It’s safe to heal the wounds that made you wear it. It’s safe to get naked and choose new faces, new archetypes, new identities. It’s safe to explore your galaxy. 

And I’ve designed the below experiences to help you do just that.

Ways to work with me right now:

Energy Unpacks & Being Deep Dives:

Be seen & uplevel your human experience. 

Through this personalized session with me, you will experience a safe, open space to share your current stuck points. We'll then have a look at your unique, Human Design and discuss how you can begin incorporating this awareness into your everyday life along with exploring other parts of your Self.

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"My session with Jenna was nothing short of magic! I felt safe and seen by her and was met where I was at. There were no expectations or pushing - just a beautiful and gentle space held, allowing me to open up, explore, and wander together through stumbling blocks I hadn't known were even there. "
- Melissa Kaye

Own Your Energy:

Live your Spirit expression. 

Own Your Energy is my highest, most intimate offering. With 3 levels of opportunity, this coaching experience exists to help you align with your authenticity in all areas of life.

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"My time with Jenna was absolutely invaluable. I learned so much about why I am the way I am, and how I can use those characteristics to my advantage rather than trying to fight against those parts of myself."
- Alyssa Sullinger

You're here to play, explore, and experiment as Spirit in a magical meat suit of a human body. 

And my role is to help you do so by healing the clutter, clearing the fear, and reminding you that the entire galaxy exists within you. I am here to be your partner in this journey if you'll have me. 

Are you a human, organization, or group interested in a collaboration? 

Beyond my intimate client work, I also offer guest coaching, presentations, workshops, and personalized events if the partnership and energy aligns for us both! 

Request a Collaboration Here: 

Once your submission is received and reviewed, I'll reach out via email to discuss further!