I'm already so proud of you.

I mean it. 

You're here. You're exploring the ways in which you can give your best self to your family, your work, and this world. That's worth applauding. But the sneaky thing is, your "best self" doesn't mean your PERFECT self. That you doesn't exist. It was never meant to. 

The Universe, Source, God, or whatever you want to call the powerful something that created this life designed it intentionally to be whole. To have "good" and "bad," "right" and "wrong," pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness. It wanted us to be and experience it all. 

So, in this moment, I invite you to stop resisting the very natural frustrations you're feeling. I welcome you to forgive yourself for being... human. 

This is the first step towards a very magical journey we're about to embark on together. 

Ways to work with me:

The Energy Unpack:

Meet your Spirit & understand your Human Design.

Through this personalized coaching session with me, you  will experience a safe, open space to share your current stuck points. We'll then have a look at your unique, energetic blueprint and discuss how you can begin incorporating this awareness into your everyday life.

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"My Energy Unpack session with Jenna was nothing short of magic! I felt safe and seen by her and was met where I was at. There were no expectations or pushing - just a beautiful and gentle space held, allowing me to open up, explore, and wander together through stumbling blocks I hadn't known were even there. "
- Melissa Kaye

Own Your Energy:

Live your Spirit expression. 

Own Your Energy is my highest, most intimate offering. With 3 levels of opportunity, this coaching experience exists to help you align with your authenticity in all areas of life.

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"My time with Jenna was absolutely invaluable. I learned so much about why I am the way I am, and how I can use those characteristics to my advantage rather than trying to fight against those parts of myself."
- Alyssa Sullinger

My role is to make sure you feel safe, seen, and heard. Exactly as you are. 

In whichever capacity we end up working together, I promise to meet you right where you are. To be gentle, understanding, and only challenge you when I know your energy is ready for it. 

In return, I ask that you come with an open heart and a willingness to receive your own Spiritual power.  

Are you a human, organization, or group interested in a collaboration? 

Beyond my intimate client work, I also offer guest coaching, presentations, workshops, and personalized events if the partnership and energy aligns for us both! 

Request a Collaboration Here: 

Once your submission is received and reviewed, I'll reach out via email to discuss further!