This is The Offer.

The only offer.

I am ready to recieve.

I’ve spent a lot of time reaching outside of myself. Crafting solutions, experiences, and identities that I thought the world wanted. I’ve been changing and chasing what it seemed everyone else needed me to be. But now, I have remembered who I am, and those who choose to receive The Offer will receive exactly that.

Because The Offer is where you remember, too. It’s where you remember what you’re choosing to forget. It’s the ultimate self-exploration experience. It’s the adventure of truly knowing yourself.

Spend a season with me. Spend a season with yourself. 

The Offer is...

a 3-month container
inclusive of 6 live sessions,
weekly chat access,
and a 4th bonus month where you maintain communication with me as you transition back into individual life.

The Offer exists for those ready to dive deep into who they are - to go beyond the surface and summon the truth of their existence. To reveal their stories. To crack open their honest feelings. To awaken the magic that lies beneath the bullsh*t. The Offer isn’t a promise of any one thing, but instead a prayer of welcoming all that is meant the be seen, understood, and loved within oneself.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re seeking, The Offer will serve you in the exact way it’s meant to. It’s yours to uncover. It’s yours to receive.

The Offer is f**king special. Here are three reasons why:

1. Your authentic life is our roadmap.

Once you accept The Offer and enter the experience, the experience will begin right there. Your daily life, desires, triggers, opportunities, relationships, and seasonal cycles will serve as our agenda. The entire container is built around your world and allowing it to be our ultimate teacher. Based on this and the below, we will create organic, intuitive, and real-time experiments, practices, and prayers to integrate into your adventure of self-discovery. Not only does this make The Offer most insightful for your highest expansion, but it also makes it easy - for us, and for you to take with you after our time has concluded.

2. Human Design is our energy compass.

The study and awareness of your Human Design will support the exploration of your authentic life and creation of our everyday experiments. It will serve as an energy compass always keeping us connected to your truth and your highest self as we digest the obvious and more complex parts of your being. Human Design won’t be a bible or identity marker, but rather a dictionary for us to reference as we navigate the current chapter of your life.

3. The channel to Spirit is always open.

When you choose to receive The Offer and begin the adventure, a portal opens between us. Spirit is with us. We will always be connected to, and practice being connected to the expansive, limitless, loving support of Source as you move yourself towards your desires and towards your most aligned stance on Mother Earth. This vortex is potent and powerful - because the work I do with myself influences you, and vice versa. We are one with all - always.

Bonus! The Offer is ever-changing and always unique.

The Offer is experienced in seasons - mine, yours, and the seasons of life we all cycle in as one collective. As we change, expand, and dive deeper into our remembering, the experience of The Offer will, too. The Jenna Energy, personal energy, and collective energy you receive in one season of The Offer will be different the next, and especially, a year after that. This is the prayer of The Offer - serving us in the exact way it’s meant to, each time. Always delivering something new, returning what we have yet to find, and taking us to places we’re meant to go amongst ourselves. Because of this, you can repeat the adventure as many times as you feel right.

Is The Offer calling to you?

Those who are meant to receive The Offer will enter with a sense of surrender, trust, and love - knowing that The Unknown isn’t comfortable, but it can be beautiful if we imagine it to be. The offer will be calling to you if wanting and ready to...

  • Know yourself more intimately as a whole or in this specific chapter of life
  • Be mirrored in an authentic, transparent way
  • Have fun exploring the dynamic, limitless truth of your identity
  • Experiment with your Human Design in easy, simplistic ways
  • Connect with Source and discover its magic
  • Surrender to this next season and all that it wants to offer you
  • Have a partner and a friend embark on the journey with you

In The Offer, I am personally honoring everything that I am.

I am giving you my authenticity - every moment of every day. I have created a container where my human-self, Spirit, and most raw expression can be shared; and this is where the wisdom and support sits. Will you join me on the journey? Will we explore this next season together?

Simply receive...

If your heart feels at home - choose the exchange that feels most aligned and potent for you, your energy, and Spirit. You may Pay in Full or Pay in Flow. Further details will follow and the portal will open via an email after your purchase. 

The Offer

$2,799.00 USD
The Offer

4 monthly payments of $719.00 USD

...and I'll see you inside, friend.

Love, Jenna