So, how the hell did I end up here?

Well, throughout my own journey of self-discovery, I came to realize that what I thought I wanted and what my Spirit wanted were two different things. I thought I wanted career success, money, and status, but in reality - my why was so much more simple than that. It came down to wanting FREEDOM. Freedom to chill with my husband, start a family, create art, and JUST BE.

And so, the more I connected with my Spirit, the more I wanted to share it with others. The more I wanted to help others see themselves and the human race as more than just a face, but as energy. As fluid, free figures intertwined and connected to a much higher purpose. 

My authenticity is still coming to light, and it will for the entirety of this life. But the cool part is, when I began this business, I knew that. I knew that who I identified as, who I served, and how I did the work would forever be growing and expanding. So, I decided to call myself Jenna Energy. Allowing me to be unlimited and undefined. Giving me the permission to indefinitely go towards what feels good and f**k the rest.

You, your loved ones, and well, everyone, deserves to experience this same way of being.

Because when we each honor our authentic energy, we release the need to control, worry, or be responsible for one another’s happiness. 

I'm ready to become my own Guru.

Get to know me on a deeper level. Let's be soul-friends:

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