So, who am I and how the hell did I end up here?

Well, I am you and you are me. 

And if you’ve found yourself on my part of the digital realm, it’s because you identify with me, you wish to, or you reject me. Each of which connects you to me.

You may not know, at face value, which part of me is you but it’s here somewhere. It may be in my humor, my personality, my style, or deeper - in my upbringing, my personal trauma, my fears, my insecurities, or maybe it’s in my dreams, my hopes, or my fantasies. 

No matter where we connect - big or small - that little cell of similarity shows us that we live in a universe of love. A universe that is designed on a molecular level to accept, receive, and be celebrated. 

So, why not do the same with myself? Every single f**king part? 

This is my story. Kind of. Sort of. I’m still writing it, ya know?

Three years ago, I f**king hated my corporate job, but quickly realized, I just hated myself. 

And through a real-life video game of self-exploration and discovery; following clues and puzzles and things that fascinated me, I quickly realized that was the same truth regarding anything external of me. 

Anything in my external reality was just a mirror of something happening internally. 

This pissed me off, but also suddenly became my superpower. As soon as I spent time with myself, I could influence what was happening in my life. It was and is like magic.

And now, I get to help other individuals do the same thing. I get to help other humans remember that they are more than human - they are Spirit.

Watch my world unfold in real time on Instagram and TikTok: @jennaenergy. 

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