Lessons from Luna

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

As I watch my dog lick bird poop off of the balcony, I’m thinking ew, yuck, I kiss that mouthDogs are gross. But then, just a moment later, I see her plop her freckled body down, throw her ears back, tilt her head to the sky, and squint her eyes toward the sun. She stays like that for almost thirty minutes. Just looking around her. Observing. Resting. Watching the clouds pass. Completely at peace. Not even slightly concerned with the fact that she just ate bird shit.

And then, on the other hand – there’s me. Indoors. Distracted by my dog. Frantically answering work emails. Watching a tumbleweed of fur pass my kitchen floor. Shuffling through laundry and managing a million thoughts inside of my head:

Should I go to the gym? Yes. No. Yes. When. No. I don’t have time. When should I clean? Now. Later. Now. When Nick gets home. I should go to the gym. I should write for my blog. I need to buy a new shower curtain liner. Crap, I forgot to switch...

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