Journal Excerpt; 4.28.2020: Stop putting yourself in a box.

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

"Stop putting yourself in a box. Beautiful flowers outgrow the spot which they were planted. Fucking water yourself. Be the beauty that someone stops to admire - not because you're perfect, but because you're different. Because you didn't ask or hesitate to flourish. Because you're unapologetically you. And just watch. Watch the way people respond - confused, but can't look away. Wondering whether it's too much, but also knowing it's too lovely to destroy. Curious whether you'll grow back as beautiful next year. But you know. You know you need time to heal, rest, and be reborn again. Better than the season you left. Breaking new ground - knowing it's your right to inspire. It's your duty to make people pause and wonder. To show the world your wonderful - each and every day."

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What took us so long?

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

The sky is blue
The ground still strong
Mother Nature wondering
What took us so long

Why must it take
So many, so ill
To teach us how
To pause, stand still

A wave of worry
Hitting the world at once
The Universe didn't want to
But said it must be done

To ease the ambitious
To slow the hurricane
Of humanity on earth
The real ones to blame

And those who see beauty
Where others see fear
Those are the ones
Who survive, my dear

Because life should be easy
Days gliding like this
Souls reconnecting
Souls finding their bliss

And while not all is wonderful
And many feel pain
I promise you, lovely
This place will never be the same


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Journal Excerpt; 4.11.2020: A Letter to Yourself

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

Dear (Insert Your Name),

"Quit cock-blocking The Universe with your worry. Quit cock-blocking The Universe with your need to be in control. Open up and let the light shine through you. There is nothing to figure out. There are no problems to solve. There are only presents to give to this world - and they sit ready and wrapped in your soul. There is no need to second guess or start over. Share yourself authentically and unapologetically, and those who long for what's in your heart will come. Soon, you will be leaving parts of your aura all along your path as you walk forward. Some big, some, not even noticing they've left you. There are no fucking rules for your life. Nobody fucking cares what you look like. Nobody fucking cares what you do. Don't get caught up in the material plane perception. You are a spiritual Goddess - here to serve a higher purpose. Start living and creating from your soul.

Tell your ego to fuck off. The Universe has your back now. You are in The Quantum...

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Don't Stop Believing: How to Higher Your Energy Frequency at Home

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

What you give, you get. What you put out there, comes back to you. The energy you illuminate is the energy you will manifest more of in your individual reality. And while the pandemic may be keeping everyone in their homes, The Universe is still showing up for us. It's all around us. It's within us. It's ready to deliver what you desire. But it's up to you to set the frequency to receive. Have you been tuning into the right channel whilst cooped up in your confined space?

I get it. Everything is digital. Everything is closed. Yoga, happy hours, and personal expression feels limited to our little screens. The intentions, ideas, and plans you had may feel like they've come to a big whopping hault - or perhaps, seem to be floating in the abyss during these uncertain times.

But let me give you a blunt reminder - the future is ALWAYS uncertain. Your tomorrow will forever be a gift you're hoping to be given. But now - because we're all facing the same perception of reality as a...

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5 Hobbies To Help Your Mental Health

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

Do you ever find yourself eight episodes deep in a Netflix series, finally looking at the clock, and thinking "Holy shit, what day is it?" Or, have you ever felt your fingers cramp up from holding your cell phone so long? Me too, man. Me too. While scrolling through Instagram and escaping into a fictional story through the television screen are often ways I like to pass my down time, I realize they aren't the most healthy hobbies I can have.

So, when my brain starts to feel foggy and my inspiration seems a bit shot, I like to find new outlets to challenge my mind, my body, and my soul. I'm sharing six activities that are easy to pick up - but have an added benefit to your mental health.

Wake Your Inner Artist

Perhaps you're already a Picasso, or perhaps not. Either way, art is an escape. It's a way to let your ideas, thoughts, and feelings come to life in a visual presentation. Whether you grab a notebook and a pen for a daily doodle, try to replicate a Pinterest sketch, or...

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Approaching an Office Job with a Buddha Mindset

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

I know what you're thinking. How in the heck do those two things go together? I'll admit, it's hard to picture. Buddha. Sitting in an office cubicle. Sending emails. Rushing to meetings. Working late to make deadlines. Let's face it, he probably doesn't. Unfortunately, YOU do. You have checklists to complete. You have projects to move forward. And you have goals to meet.

But wait. Maybe we don't have to BE Buddha - inside, out, and all around. We just have to get into a Buddha frame of mind. What do I mean by that? Let's stop thinking about goals - and start thinking about values.

Just as we try to add value to our personal life or personal time, we need to analyze the value we add to our professional time. Okay. Wait. Don't go spinning off into the the thought process, "Well, these emails and meetings don't add value to my job. Can I stop participating?" No. You cannot. A Buddha mindset is not an excuse or an opportunity to avoid the sometimes stressful work we are faced with, but...

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Connecting with Your Higher Self

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

Settle down. It's not what you think. For those of you who have practiced meditation before, you might know where this is headed. For those of you who haven't tried meditation, let me clear things up.

There are many meditation techniques and styles out there, and they all require some practice before you can truly experience the peace they bring. The first time you attend a yoga class or listen to a guided mediation, you're probably going to find it silly, uncomfortable, and you'll likely question the sanity of those around you who are completed invested. I know I did. Meditation takes practice, patience (as Luna teaches me), and most importantly, an open mind. I, personally, have yet to master it, but I can feel myself improving each time - and trust me, it's worth the work.

Primarily using the Calm iPhone app or Spotify, I turn to meditation when I am feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, or experiencing anxiety. It serves as a safe place for me. A chance to tune into my soul...

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Work-Life + SELF Balance: When Jenna forgot about Jenna

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

It's been a minute. I started a new job last June, and well, I loved it so much, I blacked out and forgot I also love to do other things - like writing on my blog.

Flash forward.

It's the end of the end of the year, and all of a sudden, I'm feeling hella overwhelmed with not only my passion for my work - but my entire life. So many to do's, so many people to see, but wait - what about me? My anxiety hit an all-time high, and I couldn't figure out why. Until I did. 

How many of you have referenced the term "work-life balance" before? How many of you think you have it in your current role? There are many employers out there who respect our work just as much as they respect our need to leave early for that annual gyno appointment we've waited three months to get. I, personally, have work-life balance with my corporate job, and because of that, I'm more inspired to produce quality work for it. I'm sure some of you reading this feel the same - or perhaps desire the same. While we do...

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A Blog to My Mom

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

Well, you were right. 

In the midst of Mother's Day weekend, I've found myself reflecting on our relationship and the powerful impact you've had on my life. You (and Dad) have molded me into the woman I am by inspiring and influencing my every aspiration, decision, value, and intention I've had over the years - and you continue to do so.

Whether it be through casual, everyday laughter or our heart-to-heart conversations, your words have stuck with me. And while I may not always be able to follow your advice the first time it's given, I know it's always right.

"Things could be worse."

In my 23 years, I want to say I'm sorry for how many times I've come to you complaining. About my day, my body, my drama, or my job. At the same time, I want to thank you for always listening, supporting, hugging, and reminding me of my blessings. You're right. My life is beautiful, anything but bad. I am so grateful and thankful for everything you and this world have given me, but...

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I'll pass on the passive aggression.

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

Really. What's the point? It doesn't increase your mood or mine.

Passive aggressiveness has become a go-to in our ever evolving digital world. We've lost (or perhaps never gained) our confidence in vocally expressing our feelings. So, instead, we practice the silent treatment, we express subtle insults, and adapt sullen, stubborn behavior.

"How many of you have ever felt personally victimized by Regina George?"

Hello! Yasss! Hell yes. Uh huh. Too many times I've heard the statement, "I just feel like being a bitch today." Excuse me, what? What did you just say? Girl, I respect your feelings. If your shit stinks today, I'm truly sorry. I've been there. Do what you've got to do to get through the day. But please, do it somewhere else. I'm currently high on life and I'd rather keep my zen bubble from bursting.

There's a fine line between expressing that you're having a bad day and projecting a bad day onto others. One has the opportunity to produce a positive...

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