The Best Advice I Ever Received: "You can't f**k this up."

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

This choice. This day. This life. You can't fuck it up.

From the moment we leave the womb of our wonderful mother, we begin our journey through life on earth. A journey designed just for us. A journey where we face unique challenges. Where we experience our own twists and turns towards individual unknowns.

Some of us looking for purpose. Some of us looking for love. Most of us seeking both. And while seeking - meeting decisions we have trouble making. Finding regrets which grow from the actions we've taken. Discovering wonders of what could be. And often longing to understand how we can become the best versions of who we are. Which way is right? Where are the instructions?

I, too, have found myself questioning what is correct - for myself, my family, and for my one shot at this world. How do I know the direction I'm headed is towards happiness? How can I be sure I'm not wrecking the beauty that could be?

The truth is, I will never know. I will never be able to perfectly predict the moments to come upon my path. But that's okay. Because what I've been reminded of time and time again is - I can't fuck this up. And I promise, neither can you.

No matter what you're up against in life right now. No matter what worries fill your heart. I invite you to believe that you. can't. fuck. this. up. There is no wrong move. No mess-ups. Your reality is meant to happen just as is does. Your rollercoaster of emotions and adventures in each new year you enter play a perfect role for what is to come - for you and for others. And while you may be thinking, "No, I've definitely made mistakes," or "My choices moving forward will have impacts on those around me," hear this:

The job you lost was taken away to bond your family like never before.
And the tears you cried in front of your kids showed them that all emotions are welcome into this life - even sadness.
So, when your little girl found a friend sitting on the bathroom floor in the second-grade hallway with eyes filled with fear, she knew just how to comfort her.
And on that day, the friend began to believe that good people and good things exist in the world even if she doesn't see this kind of good in her own home.

So, when she grew up and faced endless rejection from men who weren't ready for love, she kept her faith.
And that faith led her to a new-found interest in writing a book which shares her story of growing up in an abusive home.
And while her book wasn't wildly successful, those few hundreds of kids who read it, who may have otherwise not made it through their troubles, found their voice and began sharing their stories, too.

All of these souls crying, struggling, caught up in the midst of their own journey, wondering and wanting to know what is next - not ever noticing the beings and change they were inspiring all along the way.

So, I tell you today: No matter what you decide, where you go, or who you become, you can't fuck this up. What will become is meant to be. Every step you take, no matter which way or how, has a place here. There are no rules for your individual journey. It's yours to create. And though you may not always know why something is happening to you or what to do next - everything is correct. Everything is right. You were, are, and will be exactly where you need to be in this life. Always.

The Universe is a brilliant being - playing chess. Crafting the perfect puzzle. Getting and keeping the energy just right so that whatever move you make next, it's ready to adapt. The Universe has your back.

So, when you begin to feel the pressure to figure it all out. To nail it. To master your impact. When you begin to over plan your unpredictable life. I ask you to, instead, let go of your doubt. Let go of your worry. Let go of your control. And repeat after me:

"I can't fuck this up."


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