JOURNAL EXCERPT; 5.12.2020: You are not just a woman.

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

"You are not just a woman - you are a piece of art. Created not just for admiration, but to make people feel, wonder, and question. You were designed, crafted, and painted by the hand of The Universe. Every stroke serving a unique purpose. Providing a personalized experience to each individual who takes the time to stop and see. See you for the mystery you are. Hear your message and make of it what they wish. Spark conversation. Demand respect. All while existing within your truest expression. All while being - to this world - whatever feels right in this moment. No promises. No expectations. No need to compare or compete with the piece displayed beside you. No need to worry what others think because what they interpret to be is only a reflection of themselves. You are not just a woman - you are a piece of art - and art is anything, but defined."


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