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The one thing in this life we can’t get back, recreate, or make more of.

It’s the only thing in this world we have no influence over.

Time is our one and only master. It’s the single instrument on earth, that, when it stops playing - we can’t turn the tune back on.

And so, I wonder. So, I ask. When will you start dancing?

The very moment it begins? When the chorus hits? Or will you finally build up the nerve to swing your hips with the last few seconds of the song?

You see, it’s easy to forget the magic that music brings us. It’s easy to miss the pure joy waiting for us amongst the noise.

But darling, that’s what we’re here for. That’s why we exist. To get lost. To move in the exact way the song makes us feel. We are here to f**king dance.

Time is an unsettling concept to sit with. The thought of our time with others, with ourselves, and in this existence can leave us feeling frightened. Fearful.

If we let it.

But instead, let’s allow it to put everything else into perspective. Let’s allow it to show us how simple all else can be.

Work. Money. Love. Laughter. Anything you seek or so wish for.

They are all abundant.

Accessible. Possible. And endless if we believe them to be.

In comparison to time, anything is achievable.

So, with that idea laying gently on your heart - how do you choose to move forward? How do you choose to spend this life?

Will you turn up the volume and celebrate your every breath?

Or will you wait to be the soul you see or do the thing you desire until you have more work? More money? Love? Or laughter fueled by happiness?

The choice is always there for you. The choice is always yours. The choice will never have mastery over you.

But I challenge you to consider, what if you spend your days waiting for the perfect moment, and you run out of the one thing in this life we can’t get back?



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