This is your permission slip to NOT "show up."

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

Yeah, I said it. And I'll say it again. This is your permission slip to NOT "show up."

Allow me to elaborate.

What's the one thing you're after in life? What's the one area in your world where you're trying to improve, evolve, grow, strengthen? Many souls might answer - work, love and relationships, or health. But if you're reading this, and you know me, and you're anything like me - I bet your answer is something along the lines of "be the best version of myself," "level-up," or "honor my own my identity and energy."

All beautiful ambitions.

But whether you're looking to amp up or slow down any aspect of your life, that desire can begin to develop an underlying energy expectation. Oh shit, right? Even in your attempt to decondition from society's hustle mindset, you can accidently and unintentionally condition yourself in the opposite direction.

Obsessing over the inner-work. Feeling disappointed if you didn't do your self-care routine. Pissed because you didn't put yourself first today.

I've, personally, experienced all of the above. Going from one extreme to the other. When I first discovered the magical world of energy - and learned how to influence it, I first thought this meant I had the power to be zen Jenna every moment of every day. Floating like a fairy. Rejecting all shitty moods, experiences, and people.

But I quickly busted that myth for myself.

Owning your energy means owning ALL parts of your energy. The wonderful, uncomfy, and mother-f**king ugly. You're not designed to play dodgeball with other auras. But instead, learn how to surf and begin riding the waves like a babe.

If you feel your shit, FEEL like shit. If you're in a go-get-it-mindset, GO GET IT. If you're sad, CRY. If you're floating like a fairy, FLY.

Because every single energy wave is worthy. Every emotion is welcome. And until we honor that, we're resisting. We're conditioning. We're expecting something in our life and in ourselves. And dude, you're literally a soul in a temple, amongst unexplainable, cute puppies, and stars, and machines that can fly to the f**king moon.

Don't deny anything in this life. Let go of force. Let it flow.

In whatever way you're trying to SHOW-UP - for others, for your family, for yourself, for your health - I'm telling you - you don't have to if it doesn't feel right. If it's not natural, it's not for you... today.

You have a permission slip to say "f**k it." You have the excuse to DO and FEEL whatever is authentic to your energy.

Release what you "think" this day should look like, and just let it just be. Let yourself be. Free.


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