I want to change the world.

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2020

She said, “I want to change the world.”
They said, “Honey, don’t we all?”
She said, “But I feel it my heart.”
They said, “But darling, you could fall.”

She said, “Falling feels freeing.”
They said, “But it doesn’t pay the bills.”
She said, “Neither does not believing.”
They said, “But YOU have to, and you will.”

She said, “I will, but I want more.”
They said, “Work hard and you’ll have it.”
She said, “But what if it’s easier than we think?”
They said, “Then we’d all be going after it.”

She said, “I’m not sure you’re right.
I can feel it in my soul.”
They said, “Use your brain.
Just do what you’re told.”

She said, “But there is love and happiness waiting for me.
All I have to do trust.”
They said, “Waiting where?
Come on now, sweetie, you’re starting to make a fuss.”

And then, she said nothing.
She quit questioning and began to hear.
The real guidance within her.
The Universe dimming her fear.

Her life began to shift.
Her energy refreshed; brand new.
An experience she only dreamed of.
A love she had faith was true.

And then, they started asking.
They couldn’t believe what they saw.
They said, “I want to change the world.”
She said, “You can. Shouldn’t we all?”


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