Dear Derek Chauvin

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

Dear Derek Chauvin,
And your three little friends,
This message is for you.
Can you guess how it ends?

I can’t help but wonder,
As a child, did you feel small?
Did your daddy hit you?
Did your mother love you at all?

When your lady left you for him -
was that when your humanity broke?
Did you learn from a Friday night movie,
you can kill a man with a choke?

Or maybe someone stole from you,
maybe someone scratched up your car.
Maybe you fell behind in school,
maybe your looks couldn’t get you as far.

And so you thought to yourself,
“I’ll take back control.
I’ll become the law,
and others will do what they’re told.”

Or perhaps you joined the force
because that’s what your family did.
They spoke of their pride,
And under the rug, brushed their sins.

Maybe you wanted to do good,
maybe you wanted to keep your loved ones safe.
But perhaps the demands of the job,
were just too much to handle to keep you sane.

Either way, you made it -
to the moment you fantasized about all these years.
Having the power.
Bringing a black man to death tears.

And I can’t help but wonder,
Now, as a murderer, do you feel strong?
Does your daddy stand proudly behind you?
Did your mother hug you long?

Did the high of the moment,
and the killing of George Floyd,
fix all your issues,
and fill that giant void?

Do you attempt to justify your actions,
when you look in the mirror?
Would you support another being,
if it was your child pinned down with fear?

Or are you asking for forgiveness?
Did the roars of the nation help you see?
Are you trying to pray to God,
asking for mercy on that same knee?

I vow to know nothing of your life.
One can only begin to assume.
Just as you did with Mr. Floyd,
just as men, like you, always do.

I also vow to know nothing of what it’s like,
to walk this earth as a black man.
But in a world where racism exists,
it’s with him, I choose to stand.

And while many things among us are grey,
this is a matter of black and white.
You don’t kill a human being
when there is no resist, no fight.

So, I’ll ask you one final question.
I’ll leave you these final three.
As justice begins to close in on you,
how does it feel? Can you breathe?


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