Autumn Season Within

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2020

A grey, damp morning
A seemingly dull, fall day
Moving softly through the air
The familiar feeling of change

Change sparking discomfort
Change bringing along its friend, Fear
I know what you’re thinking, my love
I know what’s running through your mind, my dear

But just for a short moment
I invite you to let go
To allow your uncertainty to subside
To focus on what you know

To see the love that surrounds you
To hear the whispers of the wind
Listen to the secrets of The Universe
Telling you it’s time to begin again

Because with every season, you expand
As Mother Earth moves, you grow, too
And while the stretching is sometimes painful
Your fluidity is beautiful

Step onto the muddy grass
Allow your tears to blend with the rain
Lean into your emotions
Knowing this world will adore you just the same

Embrace the uncharted adventure
Let your soul get lost and explore
Because, my darling, it is true
You’ve been here a few times before

You’ve felt these feelings of angst
You’ve watched the leaves go a deep green to red
You’ve danced through the storm
You’ve witnessed your limiting beliefs drop dead

So shed the thoughts that no longer serve you
Shake away the worries which grip to your skin
Release the ideas you have of what is to come
And welcome the new, autumn season within


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