Introducing: Jenna Energy Art

Feb 11, 2023

I remember “playing business.” I remembering “playing school.” I also remember “playing store” as a small child.

And so…

I’ve been playing those things the last few years. I’ve been building and managing my own business. I’ve been learning and teaching what I’ve learned to my clients. And furthermore, I’ve been conceptualizing offers and gifting them to the world.

And yet…

Lately, I've been remembering between the...

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The Eye of the Magic

Feb 26, 2021

I’m in 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒆𝒚𝒆 𝒐𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒎𝒂𝒈𝒊𝒄…
at the center of a loving storm.
I’ve felt The Universe pour down on me;
experiencing its gifts galore.

Drowned in deep healing.
Hydrated with joy.
Flooded with fears.
Misted with more than it destroyed.

I’ve fallen to my knees.
My soul grateful for the rain.
But now, I stand in silence.
Now, I embrace patience’s pain.

The in-between sounds peaceful,
but my mind wonders what’s ahead.
Will I lose myself in the monsoon?
Or will the waves guide...

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Oct 19, 2020


The one thing in this life we can’t get back, recreate, or make more of.

It’s the only thing in this world we have no influence over.

Time is our one and only master. It’s the single instrument on earth, that, when it stops playing - we can’t turn the tune back on.

And so, I wonder. So, I ask. When will you start dancing?

The very moment it begins? When the chorus hits? Or will you finally build up the nerve to swing your hips with the last few seconds of the song?


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November 3rd

Oct 02, 2020

I spent the presidential debate dancing to Mt. Joy. I stood in the rain. My mind open, my heart full.

Surrounded by mothers. Lovers. Young ones. Old souls. City beings and country folks.

Vehicles of all kinds, driving us there just the same. Diverse backgrounds, bringing us to one moment. One place.

I joked with humans I had never met before. I heard ladies laughing in the bathroom about angry bosses, keeping score.

The employees wore masks. All I could see were their eyes. Sharing helpful...

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Autumn Season Within

Oct 02, 2020

A grey, damp morning
A seemingly dull, fall day
Moving softly through the air
The familiar feeling of change

Change sparking discomfort
Change bringing along its friend, Fear
I know what you’re thinking, my love
I know what’s running through your mind, my dear

But just for a short moment
I invite you to let go
To allow your uncertainty to subside
To focus on what you know

To see the love that surrounds you
To hear the whispers of the wind
Listen to the secrets of The Universe
Telling you...

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I want to change the world.

Sep 17, 2020

She said, “I want to change the world.”
They said, “Honey, don’t we all?”
She said, “But I feel it my heart.”
They said, “But darling, you could fall.”

She said, “Falling feels freeing.”
They said, “But it doesn’t pay the bills.”
She said, “Neither does not believing.”
They said, “But YOU have to, and you will.”

She said, “I will, but I want more.”
They said, “Work hard and...

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This is your permission slip to NOT "show up."

Sep 03, 2020

Yeah, I said it. And I'll say it again. This is your permission slip to NOT "show up."

Allow me to elaborate.

What's the one thing you're after in life? What's the one area in your world where you're trying to improve, evolve, grow, strengthen? Many souls might answer - work, love and relationships, or health. But if you're reading this, and you know me, and you're anything like me - I bet your answer is something along the lines of "be the best version of myself," "level-up," or "honor...

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Being muted has reminded me that I am a healer.

Sep 03, 2020

As a woman and coach who truly believes all souls are uniquely incredible, I chose to mute my personal and professional presence on social media for a week as the #BlackLivesMatter movement began to roar throughout our world. My intentions were not to be silent, but to quiet the noise of my own life and begin to create space to listen, learn, and find love.

I was given some energetic questions to reflect on as I watched beautiful men and women of color share their stories and speak their...

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Dear Derek Chauvin

Sep 03, 2020

Dear Derek Chauvin,
And your three little friends,
This message is for you.
Can you guess how it ends?

I can’t help but wonder,
As a child, did you feel small?
Did your daddy hit you?
Did your mother love you at all?

When your lady left you for him -
was that when your humanity broke?
Did you learn from a Friday night movie,
you can kill a man with a choke?

Or maybe someone stole from you,
maybe someone scratched up your car.
Maybe you fell behind in school,
maybe your looks...

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JOURNAL EXCERPT; 5.12.2020: You are not just a woman.

Sep 03, 2020

"You are not just a woman - you are a piece of art. Created not just for admiration, but to make people feel, wonder, and question. You were designed, crafted, and painted by the hand of The Universe. Every stroke serving a unique purpose. Providing a personalized experience to each individual who takes the time to stop and see. See you for the mystery you are. Hear your message and make of it what they wish. Spark conversation. Demand respect. All while existing within your truest...

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