You are a multidimensional being.


You have layers, corners, and caves filling every part of your being. In fact, the woods live within you. Or better yet, the entire galaxy.

You are The Universe and The Universe is you. 

And yet, here you are - trying to be so small. Trying to be one thing for this entire lifetime. 



I'm Jenna Rossi. 


And I’m here to help you explore yourself, connect to your Spirit, and find joy being in a magical meat suit on Mother Earth - because that’s exactly what you came here to do.

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With the weight of...

...the collective energy and all the fear that is constantly trying to flood our front door -  politics, catastrophes, differences, pressures to pay the bills, anxieties to meet the standards of those who are supposedly watching us - our little human minds forget the fact that we’re actually… so. much. more. We forget to zoom out. We forget that we have the power to heal our pain and choose easy, choose happy, and choose differently.

Simply by playing in the galaxy that is us. 
Simply by turning inward. 



The only question is

- not do you want a different human experience?
But, are you willing to choose a different human experience? 

Is your Spirit ready to break free and show out?

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A Spirit Circle is an intimate, group experience where individuals come together to collectively learn, explore, experiment, and support each other through a set offering - like Shadow, Body, Abundance, or whatever it is that Spirit and the collective energy wants from us. Are you ready to expand with as one?

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OYE is my highest, most intimate offering. With 3 levels, this journey exists for your personal needs and dreams as an individual Spirit having a human experience. Those who partake in this partnership experience vital shifts in their way of being. Let's see if you're ready to become all that you are by clicking below.

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